Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air?

Well this is a story all about how this quiz got made when I sat down...


In 1990, the world was introduced to the universally loved series The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. We all know how the opening song goes: a fictionalised, streetwise Will Smith is plucked from his rough West Philadelphia neighbourhood following a scuffle, and splashed down into the unfamiliar, affluent waters of his aunt and uncle's sumptuous mansion in Bel-Air.

Difference in class is a major theme hit on by the series and it's played to excellent comedic effect, with young Will's lifestyle and personality constantly clashing with those of his relatives. Aside from the typical sit-com 'odd couple' dynamic, Fresh Prince broke new ground in exploring both black class differences and black-on-black prejudice - something seldom seen in TV previously.

The series quickly picked up in popularity, resulting in its fan base saving it from cancellation and allowing it to go on to run for six seasons. Along the way, it scooped eight awards, and was nominated for many more. The success of the show sent the young Smith into the stratosphere, serving as the launch pad for his super successful career.

How well do you remember The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air?

Answers at the end!

1. Where Did Will Grow Up Prior To Moving To Bel Air?


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