Red Dwarf: Every Series Ranked From Worst To Best

From smeg to not-so-smeg, this is the definitive list of all the Red Dwarf series.


Red Dwarf is nearly 30 years old. That is quite an achievement for a TV show that isn't a soap opera, a Saturday night football highlights show, or Doctor Who. It's even more of an achievement for a geeky little sci-fi sitcom, that some BBC executives didn't have faith in making it past even one series.

How exactly have the Dwarfers made it this far? In part, it's because of a solid, and loyal, fan-base who've stuck with the show through the highs, the lows, and the cancellations. But it's also because of the staying power of most of the cast and writing team. Despite some changes over the years, the same four actors, and one co-creator, have remained as a core part of this long-lasting Red Dwarf journey.

It's been one smeg of a journey too. 67 episodes in total across 11 series, with series 12 now landing on Dave. And whilst not every episode, or even series have worked, they've never drifted far enough away from the Red Dwarf ethos to make fans abandon Starbug and ditch the show.

As we await the next step of their clueless trek across the stars, let's start-up the Holly Hop Drive and fly backwards in time to see which were the best, and worst, Red Dwarf series.

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