Riverdale: 10 Characters Who Deserve More Love

Which Blossom made the cut?

The CW

The overwhelming popularity of Riverdale owes a lot to its featured stars and captivating cliffhangers. In particular, the central four teenagers inspire lively fan debates and theories.

Heroic Archie, golden girl Betty, socialite Veronica, and outcast Jughead get thrust under spotlights brighter than the bulbs at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe. Their intense storylines and romances take up the majority of Riverdale's screentime. However, it's time for them to slide over and make room for other exemplary characters.

While quite a few Riverdale residents stay in the background, their entertaining contributions shouldn't go unnoticed. They may not narrate Jason Blossom's untimely end or try to drown someone in a sauna, but their actions never fail to heat things up.

Some of the most impressive internal battles in Riverdale were fought by citizens on the sidelines. Their families crumbled but they stood erect after looking inside themselves. Difficult pasts threatened to topple them and they still pressed on until they rose above their reputations. On the periphery, the lesser-known neighbors in Riverdale flourished better than Cliff Blossom's maple syrup industry.

These supportive figures deserve the audience's appreciation after serving as important anchors to key plots and amusing rivals for the more celebrated characters. The mysterious town of Riverdale wouldn't be half as mesmerizing without them.

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