Sense8 Finale: 10 Biggest Questions We're Left With After 'Amor Vincit Omnia'

What's lies ahead for the sensates?


The finale of Sense8 is finally upon us and, even with its satisfying ending, we've been left with quite a few questions.

The series debuted on Netflix back in 2015 and quickly became a hit. Focusing on eight strangers from different areas around the world, Sense8 told the story of how these humans suddenly become emotionally and mentally connected to one another. While they came to terms with their newfound abilities, a covert organisation called BPO - led by the villainous Whispers - hunted these gifted individuals. After two compelling seasons, Netflix cancelled the science fiction drama, but fan input ensured that the streaming service gave us a finale film so that we could say goodbye to these wonderful characters.

Unlike many series finales from days gone by, Sense8's swan song bows out with almost every storyline wrapped up. It's a joyous celebration of diversity and love, and fans will no doubt be pleased with the ending. But, even with the happy-ever-afters, there are still a few questions that we're left with.

We might never get the answers we crave, but let's take a look at these questions anyway.


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