Sherlock Lives: 10 Theories We Answer After The Empty Hearse

Read on if you don't care about why Sherlock lives, you just want to know how...

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article theorising how Sherlock had cheated death. On New Year's Day, I joined the rest of the Sherlockian fanbase in tense anticipation for 'The Empty Hearse', the long-awaited return and resurrection of Sherlock Holmes. We turned phones on silent, the telly onto BBC1, and waited. We watched as Benedict Cumberbatch plummeted from the roof of the hospital, and two unnamed agents took Moriarty's body downstairs. We stared in awe, as orchestral rock swirled, as Sherlock catapulted through Molly's window on a bungee rope, before ruffling his hair and passionately kissing her. We squinted, confused, as a hypnotist worked his magic on a newly-conscious John. Is that... Derren Brown? And then we sighed a "Don't do that!" sigh, the kind of reaction for when your friend jumps out from a darkened space to scare you, as Lestrade confirmed the last minute or so to be "B***ocks". Strictly speaking, we still don't know how Sherlock Holmes survived the fall. Anderson noted holes in the plan, and Sherlock chose not to correct him. Has he grown up over the last two years? Perhaps. But assuming he was telling the truth to Anderson, were we right about the Reichenbach fall? Well, here are the ten theories I posed on December 10th. Read on if you don't care about why, you just want to know how...

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