Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Compelling Questions That Were Never Answered

Not including the mystery of... everything about Tig.


For the most part, Sons Of Anarchy's series finale tied up most of the loose ends, caught most of the balls that had been in the air and generally close off everything that had been set up during the show's seven season run. Of course it was bloody, violent and tragic – that's always been the way with SAMCRO, and remember the story's based on Hamlet.

That doesn't mean that creator Kurt Sutter got away completely clean, however. It would be near-impossible to do so. The series introduced so many characters, sub-plots, themes and conflicts that it couldn't possibly have resolved all of them before ending. Audiences, like anti-hero Jax, had to make do with what was within their power to sort.

Still, that means there's still unanswered questions left by the now-departed show. And Sons Of Anarchy audiences are ones that crave answers. For the most part, the show didn't shrink from showing off the ultimate fates of its characters, glimpsed in all their bloody glory when they inevitably met an untimely end.

But there's still discussion over how exactly truck driver Milo was the one to end Jax's tenure as leader of the MC, potential deaths that could have happened off-screen, and the uncertain future the surviving characters had ahead of them. Here are ten unanswered questions left after the Sons Of Anarchy finale.


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