Sons Of Anarchy: 20 Best Lines

From philosophical musings to threats of teabagging, this show had it all.


One thing you could never accuse Sons Of Anarchy of was bad writing. There were those who took umbrage with some of the twists and turns the show's plot took as the years rolled by like so many motorcycles on the highway, but even when the series debatably jumped the shark, the dialogue and characters remained some of the sharpest on television.

Kurt Sutter's writers room, with the showrunner penning a considerable amount of the scripts himself, managed to come up with scores of memorable phrases, one-liners, gags, and genuinely thoughtful musings on the themes of violence, responsibility and morality that suffused Sons Of Anarchy for its entire run. It may very well have been the most quotable thing on television.

Outside of sitcoms, audiences rarely busted a gut as often as they did in front of an episode of Sons (and rarely over such questionable content). Neither did they get genuine pathos and articulate elegies as they did out of the mouths of Jax Teller, Tara Knowles, Gemma Morrow et al. It was one of the best-written shows in recent history.

But amongst the seven seasons it reached before going out in a blaze of glory, some particular quotes stood out from the others. The particularly hilarious, or profane, or badass, or sometime just absolutely heartbreaking. All stripes make an appearance in the twenty best lines from throughout Sons Of Anarchy.


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