South Park: 15 Greatest Ever Episodes

14. Asspen

0014 AsspenSeason 6 Episode 2 Character Of The Week Tad Mikowsky is the stereotypical bully who has a bone to pick with Stan. Any scene with him in is just brilliant: from his mocking voice to his original song written just to enrage his rival Tad, he's just genius. Cartman's Wisdom

"Hey, have you guys ever seen this trick? You take the hand of someone whose sleeping, you put it in a cup full of warm water and then... you pee on them! Heh heh heh!"

Tropes Tarnished Asspen isn't one of those South Park episodes that tackle a current political issue head on and completely change your views on it but it is still twenty minutes of darn good satire. This episode takes a look at manipulative sales campaigns and the cliched tropes of cheesy 80s sports movies. Why This Episode Is So Good Whilst the subplot about the kids' parents getting barraged with inescapable offers by the condo sales-men does get a little repetitive ,there are enough jokes in there to keep you entertained. Besides the voices of those characters are just priceless: Trey Parker has a real talent for capturing the odd little quirks of human communication and amplifying them to absurd levels of notice-ability until they take over all other aspects of that voice. His talent is especially note-worthy in his performance of these two salesmen. The true highlight of this episode is the confrontation between the aforementioned Tad Mikowsky and Stan himself. It would spoil the episode to describe the events in far more simple terms than the episode deserves so I'll just say this: the art of parody lives in the likes of Asspen, every cheesy sports movie is captured in these characters and this story. You have to see it to believe how well it's done but for an example of the episode's genius - this was also the first appearance of the 'Montage Song' from Team America...
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