South Park Or The Simpsons Quiz: Who Said It, Bart Simpson Or Eric Cartman?

Who wants you to eat their shorts?


When it comes to animated TV shows, most are enough to give parents immediate flashbacks of all the children's cartoons they've had to suffer through on repeat every day for the amusement of their infants. Even the opening jingle is enough to send them into 'Nam-esque flashbacks comprised of bright colours, fluffy animals and sing-along songs.

Fortunately, where South Park and The Simpsons are concerned, the content is very much adult appropriate (though it's probably not the best idea to watch South Park with younger children). These cartoons have a deeper complexity to them and often poke fun at or parody worldwide topical issues that most children wouldn't really understand, allowing the parents to be engaged as well as entertained.

Two of the most important characters in those shows are the young boys, Eric Cartman and Bart Simpson. They both take on the role of the rebellious youth who's constantly defying the authority of their parents and teachers, which always leads to some iconic quote-able outbursts.

But can you tell who said which quote: was it Bart Simpson or Eric Cartman?

Answers at the end!

1. "God, We Paid For All This Ourselves, So Thanks For Nothing."


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