Spongebob Squarepants Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Yellow Sea Sponge?

Do you remember how Mr. Krabs acted like a robot? Or what attracts a sea bear?


It's been nearly twenty years since the world was introduced to the yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob, his starfish best friend Patrick, and grumpy neighbor Squidward, among countless other colorful characters. The show was an instant hit, and has delighted kids and adults alike for almost two decades, with no sign of slowing down.

But how well do you really remember the show? Whether you're a die-hard fan who's been watching the show since childhood or a parent watching it with your kids, you may be surprised to find out how much you do or don't know.

1. In The Show's Pilot Episode, What Song Plays When SpongeBob Makes Krabby Patties For The Anchovies?


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