Star Trek Discovery: 10 Awesome Villains They Should've Used Instead

10. Garth


Garth of Izar, the formerly heroic military icon of Federation lore and later infamously insane criminal, is around and kicking in Discovery’s time period if needed. What’s more, his story has vast amounts of potential to explore.

Only years after leading the Federation to a crucial victory at the Battle of Axanar, Garth at this time could still be enjoying his status as a celebrated, influential Starfleet Captain. A full decade before being exiled on Elba II’s asylum (seen in TOS’ “Whom Gods Destroy”), the chance to delve into the man whose legend so beguiled a young Captain Kirk is difficult for Discovery to pass up, story-wise.

Badly maimed in an accident, Garth was nursed back to health by the aliens of Antos IV, who gifted him the wondrous ability of shapeshifting to save his ruined body. However, while his physical form was restored, his mind had long before gradually began to deteriorate beyond repair. After being rebuffed in his proposal of shared conquest of the galaxy, he attempted genocide on the planet before being mercifully thwarted by his own crew.

The exact date, as well as the full details of the accident that marked his descent to madness aren’t known, only that it occurred sometime prior to the Enterprise’s arrival at Elba II in 2268.

If Discovery chose to explore the origins of the fallen hero’s ravaged mind in the flesh, it’d no doubt make for a fascinating experience for any long-time Trek fan, and one significantly more interesting than anything involving Harry Mudd.


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