Star Wars Rebels Season 3: 12 Best Moments

The Force is strong with this season.

Disney XD

The third season of Star Wars Rebels came to a close with another explosive and action-packed hour long finale, boasting both space and ground battles, sacrifices and one angry storm cloud. Over the past 22 episodes, Rebels has treated us to the return of legacy characters from the original trilogy, such as Wedge Antilles and General Dodonna, the legitimisation of the TIE Defender and Grand Admiral Thrawn, and connections to Rogue One in the form of Death Troopers, Mon Mothma, and of course Saw Gerrera.

Now that the timeline is getting closer and closer to the events of A New Hope and now Rogue One, we are seeing more and more connections and references being made which demonstrates how this new cinematic universe connects all its formats, not just its big-screen debuts.

We have also seen some incredible character arcs for the recurring characters, including an end to Maul’s story arc that branched over from The Clone Wars, the defection of Agent Kallus and Sabine’s journey home.

Trying to put together a list of “Best Moments” is painfully difficult, because it could easily list so many events that have happened this year. But alas, I have narrowed it down. Some are moments that were near perfect, some that had much more potential, and some that were just outright strange.


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