Stranger Things 2 Trailer: 10 Shots You Must See

Things keep getting stranger and stranger.


A smash hit that came out of nowhere, Stranger Things, the Duffer Brother's ode to the 80s, took the television world by storm last year. And all of that despite it airing exclusively on streaming service Netflix. While being best known as home to a number of Marvel series, it was Stranger Things that helped Netflix break through as a must-see destination for original content.

A well-constructed, well-acted nostalgia trip, Stranger Things felt like a cross between The Goonies and The X-Files (okay, that's not an 80s property, but close enough), with an added slice of Amblin spirit. The show was absolutely captivating, and worthy of multiple viewings thanks to plenty of Easter eggs. With nods to horror maestro Stephen King, director Steven Spielberg, and many classic films peppered in, the show had layer upon layer of intricate details.

The critical and popular success of the first season made a follow-up an inevitability, and season two - referred to simply as Stranger Things 2 - is almost upon us. The new season will drop in its entirety on October 27, and Netflix has released one final trailer for fans eagerly awaiting its release.

There's a lot to digest: new characters, old friends, and a lot of creepy happenings, and there are some big key moments to pick out...


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