Stranger Things 2 Trailer: 10 Shots You Must See

10. Leggo Her Eggo!


Just why is Eleven wearing an Elmer Fudd hat?

At the end of Stranger Things' first season, we saw Sheriff Jim Hopper leaving eggo waffles (the favorite snack of telekinetic wonderkid Eleven) in a bin out in the woods. While what exactly happened to Eleven after her confrontation with the Demogorgon isn't explained during the finale, it's an indication she's still alive.

Just alone, in the woods - or perhaps in the Upside Down.

Might she be flipping back to our world for a snack? Hopper, we assume, may know something, after all - why else would he be leaving them out there in the first place?

While the Duffer Bros. tried to avoid the subject early on, it's been known for a while now that Eleven would be back. We see here, new hat and all, retrieving eggos right at the start of the trailer. Why she's sticking to herself we can only guess; a better question is, what forces her to come back?


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