Stranger Things: Justice For Barb Will Be A Big Part Of Season 2

Shannon Purser's Emmy nomination wasn't enough.

Stranger Things Barb

Stranger Things became a global phenomenon after hitting Netflix last summer, and one of the aspects of the show that really made a big splash was the character of Barbara 'Barb' Holland. Or rather, her death, and the complete lack of response to it.

The fact no one in Hawkins really seemed to care about her passing led to a movement demanding #JusticeForBarb sweeping social media, and it seems like the showrunners have listened.

Matt and Ross Duffer have already stated Barb's death will be addressed, but the latest comments go further and say it'll be a "big part" of Season 2 - or just Stranger Things 2, as they want you to call it. Ross told EW: "We wanted to show that’s something that Nancy didn’t really deal with last year.”

Natalia Dyer, who played Barb's best friend (i.e. the only one who seems to care even a tiny bit about her disappearance), said:

"Especially this season, Barb’s a big part of Nancy’s storyline and that drive to - I don’t know how to say it otherwise - to find justice. There are a lot of loose ends there that Nancy feels need to be addressed.”

We've already seen the power of #JusticeForBarb this year, with actress Shannon Purser snagging a very unexpected Emmy nomination for the role, and now fans should really be getting some closure when Stanger Things 2 arrives on October 27.

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