Stranger Things Season 2: 27 Biggest WTF Moments

The strangest things from Season 2.

Stranger Things WTF

After 15 months of waiting and hype-building, Stranger Things 2 dropped last week to turn the lives of Netflix subscribers Upside Down.

The sequel to one of 2016's biggest (and most surprising) TV hits has long been anticipated, and arrived just in time for some Halloween viewing. The second season of the show isn't perfect, but it does nicely expand upon the world and characters established first time around, and somehow just about manages to live up to those extraordinary levels of hype.

The show definitely feels bigger second time out, but it's mostly better too. It's once again full of '80s homages and references, the kids are even more delightful, and the whole thing gets, well, stranger. It's filled with moments destined to become memes, gifs, and all those other things 80s kids didn't have to worry about, and plenty that were shocking, surprising, and just plain ol' WTF.

27. 008

Stranger Things Eight

Stranger Things 2 kicks off not with the characters we know and love, nor a return to the Upside Down, but rather a totally different group After committing a crime they're on the run from the police, and things only get tripper from there: at first it seems a tunnel caves in, and then we realise it's in the mind of the police officer.

It feels nothing like the Stranger Things we're used to, which makes for a weird, jarring start to the new season, but it's made far more shocking by the reveal that the person with powers is 008, one of the other kids experimented on before El. So much for easing us into this new year.


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