Stranger Things Season 2 Review: 9 Ups And 3 Downs


9. It's More Polished, Without Losing Its Charm

Stranger Things Monster

Stranger Things 2 is so much bigger than the first, and that goes way beyond just the level of hype and recognition for the series. The show has an increased budget - Variety reports it's $8m an episode, as opposed to $6m last year - and you can clearly see all of that on the screen.

The CGI is particularly more impressive this year, which was one of the weaker areas in the first season, and the way they create the new Shadow Monster and the Upside Down itself makes for some wonderfully haunting imagery. There are some bigger stunts this time around too, starting with the opening scene, and an overall more polished feel that lends to the notion of this being bigger than Season 1.

What's particularly commendable, though, is that they make this a bigger production without losing any of that small-town charm, moody setting, and relying on threats you don't see and another brilliant score in order to create a creepy, unsettling atmosphere.


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