Supergirl: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Which of Supergirl's characters soared, and which ones were its Kryptonite?


It's hard to believe that Supergirl has been soaring through the skies of National City for four years now. Initially airing on CBS, the Girl of Steel's adventures found a new home on The CW at the beginning of its second season and has remained there ever since.

During those four years, the titular superhero has battled invading alien fleets, stomped out prejudice and ignorance and even fought her own cousin - all while the show continues to reach new heights, becoming one of the most popular on television.

While a large part of that is down to its core comic book audience, the fact that it doesn't shy away from tackling important issues and the endearing stories that it tells, the most important aspect of Supergirl's success (as with any show) is undoubtedly its characters.

Boasting a large line-up, the show has seen a number of beloved characters come and go over the years, with the vast majority of them adding something memorable during their time as part of it. But which ones stood out among the rest?

From supervillains to Superman and reporters to red daughters, let's reflect on all of the major characters to grace Earth-38 with the presence, and while we're at it, rank them.

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