The Chris Gethard Show: 15 Greatest Moments

The best bits from of one of comedy's most bizarre, emotional shows.


The Chris Gethard Show has been producing some of the most exciting, innovative television of the past five years - and its been all on their own rules. In this time, they have created bizarre, cathartic, often sad as hell episodes of television that have flown in the face of traditional late night formulas. 

This acting outside of the box comes from the freedom allowed by public access, which they called their home for several years. In this span of time, they released episodes that include dominatrices, kickboxers, turtle birthdays, R.L. Stine, camera cannons, Sandwich Nights, Nights of Zero Laughs, homoerotic beauty pageants, and spontaneous haircuts. And those moments aren't even on this list. 

TCGS has a backlog of episodes that demands to be explored. This list is a small primer of the show's 165-episode output. There are plenty more episodes aside from these, and in the wide array of shows there is something for nearly everyone. 

This list will be a mixture of their public access output and their recent string of episodes on the Fusion network. It's not necessarily a definitive top 15, but rather a mixture of some that have been universally regarded as "fan favorites" and episodes that I look at with a personal fondness. Either way, they are absolutely worth a watch.


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