The Big Bang Theory 6.12, ‘The Egg Salad Equivalency’ – Review, Analysis, and Discussion

In a surprise return, The Big Bang Theory came back to TV this past week after only a short layoff….

JD Shrader



In a surprise return, The Big Bang Theory came back to TV this past week after only a short layoff. And it was a welcome return, especially during the post-holiday set of rerun television we all seem to get every year. And the payoff was worth the risk: the show returned to a series high viewership rating, and gave us a strong outing in the process.


This week’s show finds the boys dealing with the concept of sexual harassment, albeit at the hands of Sheldon. As Sheldon attempts to handle a problem in the workplace on his own accord, he seeks the girls advice by hilariously forming Sheldon Cooper’s Council of Women when dealing with a secret bestowed on him by Leonard: Sheldon’s assistant had made a pass at Leonard, and Leonard enjoyed it. However, as Sheldon is ultimately forced to confront his assistant, Alex, about her possible sexual advance towards Leonard at the boys apartment (where they were playing the ingenious Giant-Sized Jenga, complete with Sheldon in a hard hat), Sheldon ultimately finds himself on the other end of a sexual harassment complaint. Summoned to his HR department, Sheldon proceeds to implicate the rest of his motley crew as being involved in various past forms of harassment. As a result, the guys are all forced to meet with their HR representative, collectively, in order to answer for their crimes; and again, in the end, Sheldon still can’t seem to grasp the concept of sexual harassment. The end result is a nice mix, again, of the guys awkwardly being out of their comfort zone, and Sheldon going toe to toe with his HR rep, played, in a pleasant surprise, by Regina King (Jerry McGuire, Friday, and TV’s SouthLand).


The bigger storyline this week again revolved around Leonard and Penny and the ongoing growth in their relationship. Upon hearing about Leonard enjoying the fact that he was being flirted with, we see Penny FINALLY get insecure! For far too long she has been the solid cornerstone for their relationship, able to get whomever she wants at the drop of a dime, should the situation present itself, and Leonard has been well aware of that fact over these many years. However, this week the roles finally get reversed, and Penny finds herself scared that she could lose Leonard to someone who is not only every bit as attractive as she is, but also as smart as he is. So Penny enrolls herself in some science classes at her college, and proceeds to get bored out of her mind and gives up; but it was the thought, and the gesture, that Leonard appreciated. And with that, Penny gives Leonard her best smart college girl look, complete with her hair up and glasses on, and off to the bedroom they go!

So what say you, fellow Big Bang fans? Is the show working for you, or is it a complete misfire, spinning its wheels and going nowhere?

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