The Big Bang Theory: 8 Reasons To Be Excited For Season 7

Big Bang Theory We are just several weeks away from the return of The Big Bang Theory on CBS television, and so it's time again to take a look ahead at what we can expect from the series as it enters it's 7th season on broadcast television. Season 6 was a mixed bag of some fine moments and mostly minor character development, but on the whole the show was sort of stuck in neutral, with very little moving forward in the way of the overall stories for our main cast of characters. So let's take a look at what we had, what we can expect and ultimately hope for, as Season 7 is set to take off within the next few weeks.

8. Leonard Hofstadter: World Traveler

As Season 6 drew to a close back in May of 2013, the great Leonard Hofstadter had left Pasadena in order to go to work halfway across the world, at sea for Professor Stephen Hawking, placing in jeopardy all the ground he had gained in his relationship with Penny in the previous months. The writers for the show handled this separation very well, having both Leonard and Penny express anxiety over Leonard being (conveniently) gone for nearly 4 months. But this is the right call, because Leonard is a man of science and an experimental physicist, and he would never pass up an opportunity like this to go hands on in the real world doing what he loves. And while he's gone, comedy gold is sure to be struck as Penny and Sheldon are forced to spend their free time together without their nucleus, Leonard. It should be very entertaining to watch this unfold in the opening scenes of Season 7 as both Sheldon and Penny adjust to their together-but-alone time; and how will this affect Amy Farrah Fowler and her own time with her Bestie and her boyfriend??? And what else happened to end Season 6?...

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