The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Penny Hofstadter - True Or False?

How well do you know The Big Bang Theories first and forever female protagonist?


In many sitcom television shows there is often an overused focus on stereotypes. Is it lazy? Maybe. But it can also be very relateable providing it is done in good taste and without slandering or offending the social group, race or gender etc in question.

One age-old stereotype that everybody has heard of is the "dumb blonde". This is a more gender-specific stereotype where there is a blonde attractive woman who is less than equipped mentally. In The Big Bang Theory, this is played out to brilliant comedic effect by Penny, somewhat having her flaws amplified by the level of intellect she is to associate with. The humour is at Penny's expense but she does get her own back on the nerds simply by being attractive and possessing strong social skills, setting them off into uncomfortable sweating and stammering.

How well do you know the blonde bombshell - is it true or false?

Answers at the end!

1. Penny Has A Sister Named Lisa.


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