The Flash: 11 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Rupture'


The CW

Following on from last week's Harry Wells brainwave, to recreate the particle accelerator explosion as a way of Barry getting his speed back, this week finds the titular hero wrestling with that decision. Can he risk another explosion? Can he risk not being the Flash?

The show makes this more interesting by bringing Henry Allen back into Barry's life this week, and it's good to have his presence here as Barry deals with the points of views of three father figures (admittedly Joe is slightly underutilised there).

Although they all weigh on in it, as does Iris, the decision ultimately comes down to Barry, with it boiling down to the fact that he wants and needs to be the Flash, and thus he gets strapped in for the explosion, with rather disastrous consequences.

As the machine goes off, Barry vanishes, while Wally and Jesse - who refused to stay locked up - end up caught in the blast as well. Although it's certain that Barry isn't dead, it's still not a great time to have him missing, as Zoom has taken over Central City, and he'll need to get back as quick as possible with just three episodes remaining.

We're reaching the endgame now, and after a slightly darker episode of the Flash than we're used to, there are plenty of questions.


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