The Flash: 8 Best Villains

Three and a half seasons in, who stands tall as the show's MVP of villainy?

The CW

During the second season of Arrow, Barry Allen turned up to introduce fans to a character who would soon receive a series of his own, The Flash, which marked the true birth of the Arrowverse as a multi-series franchise. Since launching in 2014, The Flash has become just as important as Arrow, if not more so, introducing countless concepts ranging from the Multiverse to time travel and a whole slew of characters that have all helped define and expand the Arrowverse.

Across three and a half seasons now, one thing that has stood out among the show's many successes has been its villains. Whether it's a hulking shark man, a telepathic gorilla, metahumans who can bend reality itself, criminals who have made due without powers of their own, or speedsters from different times and Earths, The Flash has consistently clashed with a number of antagonists from all walks of life of all different shapes and sizes that have pushed his heroism and his abilities to their limits.

Of course, some villains have always stood out more than others, either because of what they've brought to the table in terms of their power set or because of how they have affected Barry, Team Flash, and even the Arrowverse itself, and with the show's fourth season now on hiatus, let's take a look back over the show's run to spotlight 8 of the best antagonists The Flash has encountered, though be warned, as this article contains massive spoilers for both the show and the Arrowverse at large...

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