The Flash Season 2: 12 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Enter Zoom'

Enter night, exit Light.

So far during Season 2 of The Flash, the new Big Bad - Zoom - has been happy hiding in the shadows (or rather, Earth Two), and sending metahumans to do his dirty work for him. Not anymore. Zoom is no longer coming. Zoom. Is. Here. As the slightly spoilery episode title tells us, this week sees Barry's new nemesis enter the fray proper, and, well, wow. There's been a lot of expectation built up around this villainous speedster, to the point where he is almost like a mythical, demonic creature, but he proves just how real he is this week. In his first true appearance, he lives up to the hype and then some. He's faster and stronger than Barry, sounds incredibly menacing thanks to Tony Todd's excellent voice-work, and literally catches a lightning bolt. And this is only episode 6 of 23! He was the focus of the episode, and as such many of the characters' actions revolved around him. Elsewhere, though, we had some more scenes of Harry Wells on Earth Two, developments in the Barry/Patty relationship, the reveal that Cisco has lots of rather fantastic (and hilarious) cardboard cutouts of Team Flash, and, of course, lots and lots of questions.
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