The Flash Season 2: 28 Easter Eggs & References You Might've Missed

We're gonna need a bigger Flash.

The CW/Wikipedia/Warner Bros/Universal Pictures

The second season of The Flash recently came to close, leaving viewers scratching their heads with more questions than answers.

The Season 2 finale essentially went back in time and seemed to undo the emotional work of the first season finale, with Barry choosing to save his mother and potentially cause chaos with the timeline. Not onlythat, but the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask was revealed, Zoom was defeated, and the multiverse was saved.

It wasn't the most satisfactory ending, but probably because it wasn't the most satisfactory season. The show was bogged down early on by setup for spin-off Legends of Tomorrow, and struggled to turn Zoom into a truly convincing villain.

That's not to say it was all bad though. It remained an enjoyable season of superhero TV, if not as great as the first, and gave us some incredibly comic book-y moments that similar shows wouldn't attempt. Gorilla Grodd returned, the Speed Force was explored, we took a trip to Earth-2, and there was doppelgängers, time travel, and goddamn King Shark!

It all amounted to a season that felt very much like a superhero show based on a comic book, and it was littered with Easter eggs and references to the DC universe, and pop culture as a whole.


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