The Flash Season 5: 10 Easter Eggs & References You Might Have Missed In 'Nora'

The Flash's season premiere was the gift that kept on giving...

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After a long summer break, The Flash returned to our screens this week for its much-anticipated fifth season. Its premiere episode wasted absolutely no time throwing us back in at the deep end - upping the ante with a unique time travel-centric plot, a time-displaced daughter, an impending crisis and a demonic new threat.

As a premiere, "Nora" functioned incredibly well, setting up a new storyline while taking the show back to where it needed to be. Not only did Barry Allen feel like his old self again, but the family dynamic that the earlier seasons thrived on was present from the very beginning of the episode and this set the tone for what ultimately proved to be a welcome return to form for the show.

Though not everything was perfect, the good outweighed the bad by far and, although we're only one episode in, it's already shaping up to be a great year. But the storyline wasn't the only thing that got our attention in the season premiere.

Given the fact that The Flash is, above all else, a comic book show, the episode was overflowing with a number of fun little Easter Eggs and references designed to make DC-loving hearts explode with glee.

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