The Flash Season 5: 6 Problems It Must Fix

Season 5 can change the future by distancing itself from past errors.

The CW

When The Flash debuted back in 2014, it made an unforgettable impact. Not only did it receive critical acclaim, but it also broke ratings records, with the pilot episode receiving a startling 4.83 million viewers. It would maintain an incredibly high standard throughout its first season and, as a result, was continually showered with praise from both fans and critics. It may not have been the first Arrowverse show but, thanks to its impressive run, it was quickly becoming the real fan-favourite.

Unfortunately, that standard would eventually begin to slip, with the show's third and fourth seasons failing to even match the quality of the second. Though it has never stooped to unwatchable levels, it has become increasingly problematic in recent years, hindered by a few frustrating plot devices and multiple unnecessary episodes.

But with Season 5 on the horizon, the show has the chance to make things right. After all, if Arrow can make a comeback after its terrible fourth season, The Flash can definitely bounce back from a few less-than-stellar outings. It just needs to make a few adjustments first.

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