The Flash Season 5: What Does The Ending To 'Cause And XS' Really Mean?

The Reverse-Flash's true motivations are revealed!

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Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 5, Episode 14.

The Flash returned to its roots this week with a time travel-centric plot that pitted Nora West-Allen against Cicada and, in extension, time itself.

With her father, Barry Allen, working on the metahuman cure inside the Speed Force, the newbie speedster was tasked with protecting Central City for a single hour. Of course, this just so happened to be the same hour that Cicada began hunting Iris, kick-starting a chain of events in which Nora found herself having to reverse time in order to rescue one of her Team Flash family members. Unfortunately for her, this meant that she had to time travel 53 times before she eventually got it right and saved the day.

The return of time travel to the show raised the age-old debate about its pros and cons, with Barry reminding his daughter of the dangers that playing God can entail. Realising that there could be consequences to her recent actions, Nora returned to the future in the episode's closing moments and confronted the Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne with her concerns. This ending provided us with some much-needed answers and left with a jaw-dropping realisation.

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