The Flash Season 5: What Does The Ending To 'Failure Is An Orphan' Really Mean?

The Reverse-Flash was right all along!

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Contains spoilers from The Flash Season 5, Episode 16.

The Flash directly addressed its Cicada issue in this week's episode as the Scarlet Speedster prepared to utilize S.T.A.R. Labs' newly-created metahuman cure on the Season 5 Big Bad.

With his daughter, Nora, realising that his impending face-off with Dwyer could be his final chance to stop him for good, Barry Allen went out of his way to track down the villain while attempting to come up with a legitimate way to convince him to take the cure. Naturally, this proved to be difficult as the meta-slaying monster wanted nothing more than to drive his dagger into the hearts of every metahuman in town and wasn't even phased by the fact that he leaves behind a legacy of death.

But the reveal that his own niece, Grace Gibbons, was actually a meta changed things and it proved to be the twist that Team Flash needed as Dwyer surrendered his dagger and allowed the team to cure him.

This, however, would pave the way for a far more jaw-dropping twist as a new, deadlier threat entered the fray and changed the dynamic of the season in a huge way, finally tying the present to the long-foreshadowed future.

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