The Inbetweeners Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Show?

Ooh Fwiend!


The Inbetweeners is a brilliant series known for its harsh humor and relate-able characters and situations. It follows the story of Will who is a teenager transferring from a private school to a public common school in the U.K, following the separation of his parents. He first comes across as an absolute victim and massive bullying target, not helped by his sarcasm and witty retorts. Little does he know that there are another three hapless teenagers in Simon, Jay and Neil who would become reluctant friends and stick together through misfortune and calamity trying to gain popularity and women.

Extreme popularity came for the show and even though it only spanned for three seasons, with many rumours of further series, it also produced two movies which were very successful. The series won 13 awards and was nominated for 13 more.

How well do you know the fruitless foursome and their shenanigans?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Jay's Surname?


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