The Inbetweeners US Remake Trailer Unveiled

“We’ve made it for an American audience. It’s a uniquely MTV show.”

Stuart W. Bedford


MTV has released the very first trailer for the upcoming US remake of the immensely popular Inbetweeners.

As is the wont with US remakes of British shows, it will feature several well-loved scenes and gags from the now classic E4 sitcom along with all together more American versions of the awkward characters played by Bubba Lewis (Simon), Joey Pollari (Will), Mark L Young (Neil) and Zack Pearlman (Jay).

Excited? Take a look at the brand new trailer right HERE

The Inbetweeners (or The UK Inbetweeners as it will now most likely be dubbed depending on the success of its name sake), was made a hit between 2008 and 20011 through three popular series and a movie that was met with largely positive reviews.

When quizzed about how the British original would stack up against its American counterpart, Pearlman told The Hollywood Reporter that “the high school experience is pretty universal. Awkwardness with girls is definitely going to translate.”

He went on to add: “We’ve made it for an American audience. We’ve taken things from the British show and made them our own. It’s a uniquely MTV show.”

You’re probably aware of some of the hits that have been adapted across the pond, with The US Office probably being the pinnacle of the subtle art form, and notable flops being the likes of Red Dwarf and Men Behaving Badly.

The US Inbetweeners debuts on MTV on August 20 and the UK big-screen adaptation will get a shiny new Stateside release on September 20th.