The League Of Gentlemen: All Their Other Shows Ranked From Worst To Best

15. The Worst Journey In The World


The Worst Journey In The World was the memoir of explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard's experience of Captain Scott's infamously disastrous 1910-13 Antarctic Expedition. In 2007 Gatiss wrote and starred as Cherry-Garrard in an hour-long adaptation of the book for BBC Four.

The drama largely focuses on Cherry-Garard's own project to trek 60 miles across the Antarctic to collect some penguin eggs rather than Scott's fateful race to the pole, although the final few minutes do show Cherry-Garard's ultimately unsuccessful attempts to mount a rescue mission.

The Worst Journey In The World isn't the worst way to spend an hour watching TV. Gatiss' love of the Edwardian era and a desire to both celebrate and subvert that age's narratives of heroic explorer-adventurers are clear. However, the film is hampered by the extra low budget, making everything seem a little too small scale.

The Antarctic should feel like a vast, remote, and hostile environment, but there just isn't enough here to give the feel of that.


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