The Office Vs. The Oval Office - Who Said It, Dwight Or Donald?

The egos have landed… but which one has the best words?


Ambitious, brash and callous, he believes himself to be the alpha male in every room, and constantly seeks dominance over others, considering his total lack of social skills to be an advantage.

There’s someone like him in every office: abrasive, narcissistic, with cripplingly thin skin and a habit of bragging about stuff you really shouldn’t ever brag about. Now imagine that guy was the President of the United States of America.

Is he a shark in a world of minnows, or a colossal, unmitigated douchecanoe who needs professional help?

Dwight Schrute… or Donald Trump?

1. I Think If This Country Gets Any Kinder Or Gentler, It's Literally Going To Cease To Exist.


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