The One With The ULTIMATE Friends Quiz

Let's play Bamboozled!


They were there for us then, and almost a quarter-of-a-century later, they're still there for us now.

Friends remains not only one of the greatest sitcoms ever made, but a cultural touchstone for an entire generation. Almost everyone has seen at least one episode, and few shows lend themselves to repeat viewings as well as this story about six New York 20-somethings.

But how well do you really know the show? Even with the multiple binges, how much of that has sunk in? Can you spin the Wheel of Mayhem to go up the Ladder of Chance. Will you go past the Mud Hut, through the Rainbow Ring, and get to the Golden Monkey? Are you going to yank his tail and (boom) be in Paradise Pond? Or will you end up Bamboozled?

For this quiz, we're following in the footsteps of The One With The Embryos, with questions from the categories Fears & Pet Peeves, Literature, Ancient History, and It's All Relative, along with a few bonus ones (because a lightning round is simply impractical). One TV show. Six friends. 25 questions. Let's go.

1. In 'The One With All The Jealousy', What Is Rachel Scared Of?


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