The Punisher: 25 WTF Moments

2. Frank Annihilates Rawlins (Episode 12, "Home")

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By far the most WTF action scene in the entire series was Frank's murder of Rawlins, after he managed to break free of his constraints while being relentlessly beaten by the CIA spook.

After getting the better of Rawlins, Frank stabs him in the chest countless times with a clear sadistic relish, then repeatedly punches his face until it's barely a bloody hunk of meat, and finishes him off by driving his thumbs into Rawlins' eye sockets.

It's one of the most brutal scenes from a TV show in recent memory, and certainly sets a new bar for what the MCU will allow its properties to get away with.

An extra dose of WTF is also there for those paying attention to the musical score: it's clearly a ripoff of John Murphy's song "In A Heartbeat" from 28 Days Later, and the "homage" is made even clearer by the eye-removal kill, which also happened in Danny Boyle's classic thriller.

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