The Punisher: 25 WTF Moments

1. Frank Gets Off Scot Free (Episode 13, "Memento Mori")

The Punisher Ending

And the most WTF moment of all? The fact that, at the very end of the season, Frank is given a free pass by the government and allowed to go about living his life...despite the fact he murdered literally dozens of people (bad though they mostly were), and is a huge, walking liability.

While it's fair to say that Frank may have earned himself some rest by keeping Dinah alive and mopping up New York's scum in a way the law-abiding arm of the government never could, it's still hard to believe that the higher-ups wouldn't have had Castle assassinated simply to keep him quiet.

Sure, the scene has Frank mention this himself, but apparently it all comes down to Dinah, who was happy to see Frank Castle, or rather, Pete Castliglione, get to walk away with his freedom.

Silly? Yes, but at least it means the second season gets the opportunity for a neat and tidy start, rather than having to deal with him breaking out of prison or finding a way to be released.

Which moments from Marvel's The Punisher left you the most baffled, confused and amused? Shout them out in the comments!

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