The Simpsons: 10 Awesome Easter Eggs

7. You Have No Life - Homer: Badman

2509837596_ba82a49618_z In the ninth episode of the sixth season €˜Homer: Badman€™ Homer is accused of sexually harassing a girl on the television programme Rock Bottom. After being harassed by the media it actually turns out that Homer was innocent all along and the TV programme has to issue a list of apologies at the end of their show. The list, in typical media apology fashion shoots by within seconds without giving anyone a chance to read it. However if you do choose to slow it down you will see a variety of funny messages including ones which note €œ If you are reading this you have no life€ and at the very end €œThe people writing this have no life.€ Other funny messages in the list tell us that licking an electrical outlet will not turn us into a Power Ranger and that Todd is actually the oldest of the Flanders sons.

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