The Simpsons: 10 Hidden Jokes Everybody Missed

10. There€™s An Actual McBain Movie Hidden Throughout The Show

The Simpsons Mcbain Movie

A well-known running gag is the random movie appearances of Rainier Wolfcastle, the Simpsons' answer to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wolfcastle is generally shown portraying his most famous character, McBain, in various clips that are sprinkled out in various Simpsons episodes. On the surface, it's a simple and fun little joke. What you may not know is that there is a lot more to this running gag than just a funny spoof of testosterone and pun-filled action films.

If you take all the various McBain clips and rearrange them in order, you'll find that they form a mini-movie complete with a coherent plot and a three-act structure.

First there's McBain arguing with his Captain about being unable to go after the big bad, Mendoza. McBain and his partner then banter in a bar before an assassin murders the partner and escapes. Outraged, McBain tells his Captain that he's going after Mendoza regardless of the consequences. After infiltrating Mendoza's dinner party, McBain murders everyone but Mendoza and somehow gets himself captured.

Finally, just as Mendoza is about to enact his evil plan, and being reassured that McBain is dead by his numerous henchmen, the hero makes an unexpected return and this time manages to murder everyone, including Mendoza.

As well-hidden as this joke is, the writers barely broke a sweat for this gag, unlike the next few entries...


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