The Simpsons: 11 Best Episodes From Season 11

If you aren't quoting these episodes to your mates at the pub, then brother, you're doing it wrong!

The Simpsons Season 11

There’s much dispute about when The Simpsons started to go “bad,” but generally, Season 11 is considered part of a down period in the show’s run. Mike Scully’s tenure as showrunner from Seasons 9 through 12 is controversial, to say the least. Though many episodes from this period are praised, the general attitude toward these seasons is that Scully turned the show from a primarily character-centric sitcom with a healthy dose of sentimentality to a whacky, zany, absurd cartoon that halted character development and began the dreaded process of “Flanderization.”

However, regardless of your overall feelings on The Simpsons after season 8 or 9 or whenever it was you decided the show was bad, to say there were no good episodes in the “bad” period is disingenuous. Even in what’s arguably the most absurd set of episodes, Season 11, there’s plenty of gems to be found, and even episodes that could be considered some of the series’ all time best.

So with that in mind, this list looks at the 11 best episodes from Season 11 of The Simpsons.

Why 11? ...mate, put 2 and 2 together.


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