The Simpsons: 15 Best Treehouse Of Horror Segments - Ranked

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Treehouse of Horror episodes are a staple of The Simpsons, having aired once every year since Season 2. These instalments are widely viewed as fan-favourites, and serve as a rare beacon of light in the recent declining quality of the show. Even through The Simpsons at it's best, though, the Treehouse of Horror episodes were always counted among the most popular.

With every upcoming season, fans know that they will be treated to an episode that is completely unique and unlike anything they have seen before.

With its threesegment format, we are able to see more new stories within the usual 22-minute span of an episode, and because it is a Halloween special, there are no rules to follow and no ramifications for further episodes. All this adds up to some of the most creative, fun, and exciting episodes the show has to offer.

With so many Treehouse of Horrors being released over the years, some stories are bound to be better and more memorable than others. Let's look through the top segments of all time and answer the question: Which is the very best?

Prepare to be scared...

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