The Simpsons Ultimate Golden Era Quiz

You can't argue with The Simpsons' success, but when should it have stopped?


There's simply no denying the immense popularity that The Simpsons' yellow community has gained since its debut infamous Tracy Ullman sketch. Perhaps it's past its best now, as lots of fans would tell you, but they can never take away the good old days.

The early years created the unique building blocks that paved way for the critically-lauded Golden Era between series 3 and 8, which contained some of the most influential and memorable episodes of the show's entire run.

With brilliant episode after brilliant episode The Golden Era spliced 90’s culture, humour and family values into 22 minute, side-splitting bundles of American pie. Who could forget such episodes as ‘Homer The Great’ and ‘Homer Badman’, which in turn have gone onto define the TV legacy?

So ignore the watered down nonsense the studio is producing now, this quiz focuses exclusively on the epic Golden Era.

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Short Stories Were There About Springfield?


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