The Ultimate How I Met Your Mother Quiz

Wait for it...


A nine-season run on CBS made How I Met Your Mother one of the biggest attractions on television from 2005 to 2014. Using flashbacks for narration and providing context to everything that we saw, How I Met Your Mother sees Ted Mosby recount his journey to finally meet the mother of his kids.

Anyone who has seen the show knows the basic story arc. Anyone who was even a little interested at the show at a point can name the sub-plots that the show had. However, this quiz is for the fans who have watched the show over and over again and can recall the smallest of details.

Don't know what Barney's pre-suit days were like? Don't know what was Barney's bait to get girls to come over to his apartment? Well, this quiz is not for you. But if you can name the unnecessary details of the show, and if you can remember the name of every episode in every season, well this may be a worthy challenge to prove your worthiness to the HIMYM Gods.

1. What Object Was Ted's Best Friend While Growing Up In Ohio?


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