The Walking Dead: 10 Characters Who'll Survive Until The End

1. The Walkers

Gene Page/AMC

It’s a given at this point that the walker to human ratio on The Walking Dead is firmly in the favour of the undead. No matter how many walkers Rick and Co kill the living dead will always outnumber the still-living human population.

Even if they start popping out post-apocalyptic babies left, right and centre to join little Judith and Maggie and Glenn’s future sprog, there’s no way they can reproduce fast enough to give the human population a significant advantage. Add to that the fact that anyone who dies via a method that doesn’t involve their brains being destroyed will one day zombify too and it’s safe to say there’ll be at least a few walkers kicking around at the end.

In fact, that’s pretty much the only certainty in the world of The Walking Dead. No living character is completely safe – even the plot armour protected characters listed here – but those decomposing, flesh-hungry bastards aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Who do you think will survive on The Walking Dead? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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