The Walking Dead: 10 Characters Who'll Survive Until The End

9. Negan

Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead has a reputation for its assembly line of villains, quickly introducing bad guys and gals and dispatching with them just as fast. Inaugural villain Shane Walsh only lasted two seasons, as did the crazy Governor, while the Claimers, the cannibal Terminites, bad cop Dawn, and the Wolves were introduced and expired in an even shorter timeframe.

But current villain Negan is a bit different. He’s been around since Season 6 and his arc just got pretty compelling with the recent reveal that he used to work with kids pre-apocalypse and his baseball bat Lucille is named after his beloved late wife. It’s humanised the cruel bastard somewhat, which could make for gripping future developments if he’s kept around longer than the average villain.

Negan is still kicking around in the comics too after being captured and imprisoned by Rick, and it’d be interesting to see how Negan would adapt to such a situation should the writers keep him around in the show. Maybe he’ll undergo a complete character redemption and evolve into a relatively good guy and the show will end with him and Rick as BFFs walking off into the sunset. Then again, maybe not.


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