The Walking Dead:10 Important Things To Remember Before Season 8

Some quick revision before all out war...

Gene Page/AMC

Aside from the swinging of a baseball bat and a tiger attack at the book ends of the season, the seventh run of The Walking Dead was not the most memorable of its outstanding series.

There was so much fan chatter between seasons six and seven that it was impossible to forget where we had left Rick and friends - perilously staring down the shaft of Lucile.

Season seven offered us no such cliffhanger, making it clear what would viewers would be returning to for the new season premiere on October 22nd by promising all out war.

We reached that climax through a season of set up, as we were introduced to new characters, communities and alliances which expanded the world of The Walking Dead to bigger than ever before, but also, at times, made it as difficult to follow as one of Eugene’s ramblings.

If you don’t have time for a season seven re-watch, or would rather save yourself the repetitive Daryl torturing and Negan posturing, this recap will fill you in on where we left some of our favourite characters, and how the show is shaping up heading into season eight.


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