The Walking Dead: 10 Worst Casting Mistakes

They can’t all be as good as Melissa McBride …


We’re now seven seasons deep into AMC’s The Walking Dead (said in requisite gravelly voice), and it’s safe to say that the vast majority of casting decisions made by TWD’s powers that be are spot on.

From main cast members like Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride and Lennie James to actors that played one-time characters in bottle episodes, like John Carroll Lynch’s turn as psychiatrist turned cheesemaker Eastman in Here’s Not Here, the casting and acting is by and large brilliant.

But every now and then they stumble and make some quite questionable choices indeed, creating characters that seem to serve no purpose in the show and casting actors that seem hard-pushed to bring them to life and stick out like a sore thumb amongst the show's more talented cast.

On the upside, 70% of the characters coming up are dead or presumed dead, so at least TWD had the good grace to kill off most of their casting mistakes.

The other 30%, however? It might be time to script a sticky end for them and do away with their bad acting once and for all.


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