The Walking Dead: 13 Easter Eggs And Details You Probably Missed

4. Breaking Bad Egg #2

Breaking Bad Walking Dead The Dodge reference could be dismissed as a coincidence, thanks to a pre-existing relationship between AMC and Dodge that meant deals were sweetened on personal cars via the medium of product placement, but this second Breaking Bad reference, which appears in The Walking Dead this time, is a definite, conscious nod to the sister show. When Daryl checks through his brother Merle's stash in season 2, to see whether there is anything inside to help T-Dog's rising fever, the clear bag he checks holds a number of unmemorable pill bottles, but there's also a suspicious and familiar looking substance in the bottom of the bag. It's not on screen very long, but it's hard to miss the familiar blue crystals alongside the doxycyclin, painkillers, ecstasy, and methamphetamine - a very obvious reference to the iconic "Blue Sky" brand from Breaking Bad. And this was no accident as Kirkman admitted in an interview with the after-show Talking Dead, in which he stated that the scene was "a little Easter egg we were doing for AMC fans." Does this mean at some point in the future we might get to see a Walter White Walker patrolling the streets of The Walking Dead? You probably shouldn't bet against it.
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