The Walking Dead: 15 Characters You Definitely Forgot About

McLovin, is that you?

When there's an Earth-full of rabid zombies threatening to literally tear the life out of you, it would be easy to quickly forget some of your fallen friends, as characters in The Walking Dead have shown. Considering most of the characters had families, partners and children who perished as the world fell apart, you really don't hear a lot about them. And then there are the friends, accomplices, enemies they've made along the journey. The fallen members of Rick's group are rarely mentioned as they push on through the new world. If you look back at the Season 1 promotional material, it will strike you how much the entire show has transformed including the personnel. It was obvious that some characters would be walker-fodder, but the amount of bodies left behind is incredible. The likes of Dale, Andrea, The Governor, the enormous fat walker from Hershel's well, and the kind old farmer himself will always be remembered for a number of reasons, but for every iconic character killed, there were multiple fringe members bumped off without anybody really caring. So here are some of the men, women and children who were lost during the run of the show you could be forgiven for forgetting all about.


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