The Walking Dead: 5 Characters Who Overstayed Their Welcome (And 5 Gone Too Soon)

1. Beth Greene – Gone Too Soon


Beth enjoyed a hefty 34 episodes on The Walking Dead but the majority of her tenure was spent as a secondary character playing the innocent young daughter of Hershel. Her real character development and transition into a fan favourite didn’t occur until the fall of the prison when she was cast into the wilderness with Daryl as her only companion. Whisked away by the Grady Memorial Hospital officers and off our television screens, fans clamored for her return - only for her to reappear and meet her demise in a single episode.

Her abrupt death after being absent from the show brought upon a great heart wrenching moment (especially for Daryl and Maggie) but viewers were left wondering what more could have been done with Beth, had she managed to walk out of Grady Memorial Hospital alive.

A storyline between Beth and Gabriel was begging to be told. Having the strong Christian beliefs bestowed upon her by her father questioned and challenged by Father Gabriel during his weaker moments would have created an interesting dynamic for both characters and provided the show with a unique story arc to tell.

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